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Tomb Mates

Genre: Comedy/Black Comedy/Drama

Written and Produced by Gareth J. James
Directed by Martin Horlacher

Starring Shakira Lambell, Aiden McKenzie and Emilia Higgs

A strange psycho-Black Comedy about the complications of gender and human coupling. Faye is your typical 20 something young adult who often finds herself embarrassed by Greg: Her out-spoken boyfriend who finds it difficult to co-exist with her room mate, Viggo. Then again, considering Viggo's 'unique' condition,  it's easy to see why Greg can't understand why he appeals so much to Faye's friend Wendy.  

Pilot Episode 

It's a Hard Goth Life

Genre: Comedy/Black Comedy/Drama
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Season 1
Written and Created by Gareth J. James
Produced by Gareth J. James, Steven Carnuccio and Sandy Maestro

Season 2
Written and produced by Gareth J. James
Episodes directed by Martin Horlacher, Alfred Pek and Corrine Sennitt 

Starring: Bethany Kable, Robin Nicolle, Morgan Beattie, Mike Lambeth, Gareth J. James with special guest appearances from Gil Balfas, Katie Regan, Will Averill and Dale Weasley-Johnson, Steven Carnuccio, Shanae Brown, Bethany Kable, Will Averill, Tim Tari, Gary Homanick. 

Web based comedy series about the various trials and tribulations afflicting a group of Goths growing up in contemporary Australia as part of a subculture that is increasingly slipping into decline. 


Season Two 

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